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Exhibition Review | Concerning the Spiritual in Art | Aluna Art Foundation, Miami

October 5, 2012


Lili(ana)’s "Anotaciones de lo Invisible" (2007/2010) also depict in a three dimensional manner the ephemerality of life and the powerful experience of spiritualism. Her contemporary approach –a layering of floating photographs in silk-like fabric, enhances the viewer’s experience; the translucent material illuminates her images from within and dissolves them into the spectator’s space with a paranormal force as they levitate from the wall to expand onto your very own spirit -specially her Anotaciones de lo Invisible –Deva, Nature Spirit (2010). It is interesting how she combines the subtleness, the evanescence of these images of small dimensions, with a type of industrial installation -by tensing them up with metallic hooks, as a way to reflect that the spiritual can exist and appear anywhere.


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