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How many times do we wish to communicate with the Masters? Maybe because we want to touch, to experience, what they have already. Maybe we admire them because of this... But in our attachement to the physical surroundings and their bodies, in our search for the "how", we forget about their essence, what is behind the forms that actually give lives to them. We keep looking at their fingers and not at what their are pointing... In the case of the Art Masters their fingers are their artworks and to contact the essence with what they are impregnated, is to contact what they are pointing at. The series "Inner (mystic) conversations with..." is the manifestation of the essence of my inner conversations with some of them.... is an attempt to translate, to catch a glimpse or to follow the path towards the truth that each of this artworks may guide us to... "Inner (mystic) conversations with..." is an invitation to listen with your hearts. and inwardlyt participate in this conversations.


All these conversations happened with only one piece of each Master, at a given time, for a short period of time. All the pictures have not been manipulated after the shooting. They are all product of a single click.


For these conversations I am very grateful. 

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