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"The unconventional work of the Miami-based South American photographer Lili(ana) is exceptional in its approach, conceptualization, and implementation within visual culture. She creates an invisible empire for the eye, a deep story elaborated through mysterious layers, recognizing the experience of another world and making unique use of the toolbox of photography… The artist has created a visual chronicle of a metropolis, Miami, the direct result of an instantaneous take, which captures the energies of time and space. Her images are original; they do not undergo any analog or digital post-production. The artist's photographs depict the "invisibility" of the process of becoming a city, the dreamlike suggestion that it is not enough to understand the world around us, but that we must also feel the world which lies within us."


Tóth Judit Nikoletta on Lili(ana)'s exhibit: "Invisible Visible: Chronicles of Inner Miami," TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

I use photography as a medium and as a tool to "access" and give expression to the "inaccessible": that which lives in the realm of light, inside and outside matter, in between matter... places with infinite possibilities, timeless realities that co-exist with ours. 


Art, as an ever-growing essence and entity from the invisible world, has used different mediums and instruments (artists) throughout time to develop itself according to what is available at every given period. The painting-like expression of my photographs also aims to connect the underlying eternal presence of the ever-evolving-Art-Essence, from the work of the old fine art masters -which found its expression at that time through painting- to our contemporary ways.

The expression accomplished in each photograph is a direct experience at the moment of capturing the image according to the energies of the given time and place. There is no post-production or lab work involved after the shooting. What you see is how the pictures were taken.


I encompass this study/contemplation by the name of "Beyond this visible world" to give me ample flexibility and freedom to go forward or retract without limit of expression, regardless of the current boundaries that the medium can present.

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